This namespace contains platform-independent classes of Azuki.


  Class Description
Public class Actions
A static class containing predefined actions for Azuki.
Public class AutoIndentHooks
Static class containing hook delegates for auto-indentation.
Public class BgColorTextDecoration
Represents how text should be decorated with special background color.
Public class ColorScheme
Color set used for drawing text.
Public class ContentChangedEventArgs
Event information about content change.
Public class DefaultWordProc
The only one built-in word processor which can handle Japanese kinsoku-shori.
Public class Document
The document of the Azuki editor engine.
Public class FontInfo
Information about font.
Public class LineDrawEventArgs
Information about LineDrawing event or LineDrawn event.
Public class Marking
Manager of marking information which is to indicate attributes apart from syntax or grammar.
Public class MarkingInfo
Information of marking.
Public class OutlineTextDecoration
- EXPERIMENTAL - Decorates text with a transparent rectangle.
Public class Plat
The singleton class of platform API caller.
Public class SearchResult
Result of a text search.
Public class SelectionChangedEventArgs
Event information about selection change.
Public class TextDecoration
Represents how text should be decorated graphically.
Public class UnderlineTextDecoration
Represents how text should be decorated with underline.
Public class UserPref
User preferences.
Public class WatchPattern
Text pattern to be watched and marked automatically.
Public class WatchPatternSet
Set of WatchPattern objects.


  Interface Description
Public interface IGraphics
Graphic drawing interface.
Public interface IMouseEventArgs
Describes information about mouse event.
Public interface IPlatform
The interface for invoking Platform API.
Public interface IUserInterface
Interface of user interface module.
Public interface IView
Interface for view implementations.
Public interface IWordProc
Interface of word processor objects that handles 'word' in Azuki.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ActionProc
Common interface of actions of Azuki engine
Public delegate AutoIndentHook
Hook delegate called every time a character was inserted.
Public delegate ContentChangedEventHandler
Event handler for ContentChanged event.
Public delegate LineDrawEventHandler
Event handler for LineDrawing event or LineDrawn event.
Public delegate SelectionChangedEventHandler
Event handler for SelectionChanged event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Antialias
Methods of Anti-Alias to be used for text rendering.
Public enumeration CharClass
Class of characters for associating logical meaning for each tokens.
Public enumeration DrawingOption
Option flags to specify how Azuki draws text area.
Public enumeration HRulerIndicatorType
Type of the indicator on horizontal ruler to indicate caret position.
Public enumeration LineDirtyState
State of 'dirtiness' of each logical line in document.
Public enumeration LineStyle
Indicates style of line for text decoration.
Public enumeration MouseCursor
Type of mouse cursor's graphic.
Public enumeration TextDataType
Specifies type of text data.
Public enumeration ViewType
Type of the text views. Each view renders text content differently and is optimized for the rendering method.