Gets or sets how many times a prohibition rule is applied to each screen line.

Namespace: Sgry.Azuki
Assembly: Azuki (in Azuki.dll) Version:


public virtual int KinsokuDepth { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Public Overridable Property KinsokuDepth As Integer


DefaultWordProc executes kinsoku shori on character by character basis. This property determines how many times the prohibition rules are applied for each characters which ends a screen line.

If prohibition rules on character by character basis were applied only once, there are many cases that cannot be handled with. For example, if an open parenthesis was included in CharsForbiddenToEndLine and if a screen line ended with two open parentheses, applying kinsoku shori (line end restriction) once results pushing one open parenthesis to next screen line; and thus the screen line ends with an open parenthesis. Obviously this is not acceptable result of applying line end restriction. To solve this problem, DefaultWordProc applies rules multiple times.

The default value of this property is 8.

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