Gets or sets whether to show 'dirt bar' or not.

Namespace: Sgry.Azuki
Assembly: Azuki (in Azuki.dll) Version:


bool ShowsDirtBar { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Property ShowsDirtBar As Boolean


This property gets or sets whether to show 'dirt bar' or not. The dirt bar is graphically a thin bar at right end of the line number area that indicates the dirty state of each text line. The state of line is one of the following states.

  • LineDirtyState.Clean: the line is not modified yet.
  • LineDirtyState.Dirty: the line is modified and not saved.
  • LineDirtyState.Cleaned: the line is modified but saved.

Color of each line dirty state can be customized by setting ColorScheme.DirtyLineBar, ColorScheme.CleanedLineBar.

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