The Document type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AnchorIndex
Gets index of the position where the selection starts (in char-index).
Public property CanRedo
Gets whether an available REDO action exists or not.
Public property CanUndo
Gets whether an available UNDO action exists or not.
Public property Capacity
Gets or sets the size of the internal buffer.
Public property CaretIndex
Gets index of where the caret is at (in char-index).
Public property EolCode
Gets or sets default EOL Code of this document.
Public property Highlighter
Gets or sets highlighter object to highlight currently active document or null to disable highlighting.
Public property IsDirty
Gets or sets whether any unsaved modifications exist or not.
Public property IsReadOnly
Gets or sets whether this document is read-only or not.
Public property IsRecordingHistory
Gets or sets whether this document is recording edit actions or not.
Public property Item
Gets one character at given index.
Public property LastModifiedTime
Gets the time when this document was last modified.
Public property Length
Gets number of characters currently held in this document. Note that a surrogate pair or combining characters will be counted as two characters.
Public property LineCount
Gets number of the logical lines.
Public property MarksUri
Gets or sets whether URIs in this document should be marked automatically with built-in URI marker or not.
Public property MemoryUsage
Gets estimated memory size used by this document.
Public property RectSelectRanges
Gets or sets text ranges selected by rectangle selection.
Public property SelectionMode
Gets or sets how to select text.
Public property Tag
Gets or sets an object associated with this document.
Public property Text
Gets or sets currently inputted text.
Public property WatchPatterns
Gets the list of watching patterns.
Public property WordProc
Gets or sets word processor object which determines how Azuki handles 'words.'

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