Class of characters for associating logical meaning for each tokens.

Namespace: Sgry.Azuki
Assembly: Azuki (in Azuki.dll) Version:


public enum CharClass
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration CharClass


Member nameValueDescription
Normal0Normal character.
Number1Number literal.
DocComment4Document Comment.
Keyword26Additional keyword set.
Keyword37Another Additional keyword set.
Macro8Macro (C/C++, C#, ...).
Character9Character (C/C++, Java, ...).
Type10Type (any).
Regex11Regular expression literal (Perl, Javascript...).
Annotation12Annotation (Java).
Selecter13Selector (CSS).
Property14Property name (CSS).
Value15Value (CSS, ...).
ElementName16Element name (XML).
Entity17Entity (XML).
Attribute18Attribute (XML).
AttributeValue19Attribute value (XML).
EmbededScript20Embedded script block (XML).
CDataSection22CDATA section. (XML)
LatexCommand23LaTeX command. (LaTeX)
LatexBracket24Brackets used in LaTeX. (LaTeX)
LatexCurlyBracket25Curly brackets used in LaTeX. (LaTeX)
LatexEquation26Equation. (LaTeX)
Heading127Heading 1 (LaTeX, Wiki, HTML).
Heading228Heading 2 (LaTeX, Wiki, HTML).
Heading329Heading 3 (LaTeX, Wiki, HTML).
Heading430Heading 4 (LaTeX, Wiki, HTML).
Heading531Heading 5 (LaTeX, Wiki, HTML).
Heading632Heading 6 (LaTeX, Wiki, HTML).
Function33Function (C, Java, ...)
Class34Class (C++, Java, ...)
Variable35Variable (Batch file, ...)
Label36Label (Batch file, ...)
AddedLine37New line (diff/patch file)
RemovedLine38Removed line (diff/patch file)
ChangedLine39Changed line (diff/patch file)
ChangeCommandLine40Change-command line (diff/patch file)
IndexLine41Index line (diff/patch file)


CharClass enumeration specifies the class of characters.

The 'class of characters' here is used to classify and associate logical meanings to each tokens in document. If the document is source code of some programming language, there are several types of tokens in it; string literals, comment blocks and so on. In this case, CharClass.String should be used to mark each string literals, CharClass.Comment should be used to mark each comment blocks/lines. If tokens were properly marked by appropriate char-classes, the document is programmatically accessible so Azuki (View objects) can render each token differently.

To classify characters, use Document.SetCharClass method.

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