Color set used for drawing text.

Namespace: Sgry.Azuki
Assembly: Azuki (in Azuki.dll) Version:


public class ColorScheme
Visual Basic
Public Class ColorScheme


ColorScheme defines color set used for drawing document by Azuki.

ColorScheme is consisted with two major parts. First part is a set of pairs of foreground color and background color associated with each CharClass. The view objects will reference this to determine which color should be used for each token by its character-class. This set can be accessed through GetColor method or SetColor method. Second part is color values used to draw graphic such as selected text, line numbers, control characters and so on. Values of this part are defined as public properties of this class.

Note that if background color for a CharClass except CharClass.Normal was set to Color.Transparent, Azuki uses the color of BackColor property for drawing tokens of the character-class.

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