Option flags to specify how Azuki draws text area.

Namespace: Sgry.Azuki
Assembly: Azuki (in Azuki.dll) Version:


public enum DrawingOption
Visual Basic
<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration DrawingOption


Member nameValueDescription
DrawsSpace1Draws space character.
DrawsFullWidthSpace2Draws full-width space character.
DrawsTab4Draws tab character.
DrawsEol8Draws EOL (End Of Line) code.
HighlightCurrentLine16Shows line number area.
ShowsLineNumber32Shows line number area.
ShowsHRuler64Shows horizontal ruler.
DrawsEof128Draws EOF (End Of File) mark.
ShowsDirtBar256Shows 'dirt bar'.
HighlightsMatchedBracket512Highlights matched bracket.

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