Interface of word processor objects that handles 'word' in Azuki.

Namespace: Sgry.Azuki
Assembly: Azuki (in Azuki.dll) Version:


public interface IWordProc
Visual Basic
Public Interface IWordProc


Word processor is used to detemrine boundary of words or to determine how words at right edge of text area should be wrapped. Typical usage of word processor is moving caret between words, selecting or deleting words, and line wrapping.

Azuki provides only one built-in word processor - DefaultWordProc. DefaultWordProc is used by default and is capable to handle Japanese kinsoku-shori and general word wrapping. If you need to change how Azuki recognizes words, implement an original word processor and then set it to Document.WordProc property. To implement a word processor, DefaultWordProc can be used as a base class.

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