Azuki user interface for Windows.Forms framework (.NET Compact Framework compatible).

Namespace: Sgry.Azuki.WinForms
Assembly: Azuki (in Azuki.dll) Version:


public class AzukiControl : Control, 
Visual Basic
Public Class AzukiControl _
	Inherits Control _
	Implements IUserInterface


AzukiControl class is a GUI component class provided for Windows.Forms framework. In programming of Windows.Forms framework, this class will be the most important class and thus very basic operations in Azuki can be done through this class.

AzukiControl class is designed to cooperate with Microsoft Visual Studio so that it can be added to toolbox of visual designer. Once AzukiControl was added to toolbox, it can be used like standard GUI components such as System.Windows.Forms.Button; placing and layout with drag&drop or resizing by dragging edge of component and so on.

AzukiControl is an implementation of IUserInterface which expresses the user interface (front-end which directly interact with user action) of Azuki engine. Although currently there is no other implementation for other framework or platform, If programmer want to make platform independent program, using AzukiControl through IUserInterface will be much appropriate.

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